WoNk is made up of a collective of creative individuals. Over almost a decade the team has developed organically. All past and present members are valued and appreciated for the parts they have played and continue to play in PLaNeT WoNk. 

At times it has taken up to 40 people to create some of the events in WoNk’s rich history of themed pARTies, including a wide variety of artists, designers, technical crew and assistants. We whole-heartedly thank each and every one them.



Danny Mekanik

Kelvin Andrews

Joey T




Sims-Audio UK Function-One Hire 




Northern Lights Collective

07943 811892



Julie-lou Weston



In the early days all our fantastic design and brands came from EyEronik EyEkonik

later we commissioned designs party by party and have had art-work created by:

Ad-Vice Creative

Darren McDonald

Oliver Weston

Grega Greaves

Danny Mekanik

Rach Evans

David Meddings



In the early days Norman Sole

followed by various creations at each party by 

Nick Waye

Jon Marks

Nicholas Mcfarlane

Danny Mekanik

Julie-lou Weston




Lisa Natasha





Amy Booth 

Ash Wall

Carly Wurly


Rachel Cooper 

Jayne Heath

Mel WatkisS



Denre Bruins


David Meddings



Ben Shenton - Main Stem Rotation

Dixon Pickles - branched off into Devil’s Disco

Amy Booth

Stacey Hugs

Aurora Da Silva 

collectively with Ocean formed LoVeBeats Stoke


Shaun Symmonds

Craig Chambers

Leeka J

Jamie Quinn

Andy Kemp

Olivers Twisted

Dan Wainwright

Ray Tangle

Jared Radish

Ashley Henderson


Love and Thanks to our original core team: 

Danny Mekanik, Kelvin Andrews, Ben Shenton, Tim Jim Sim, Jayne Winstanley, Lisa Wilding, Norman Sole, Kerrie Frances, Lisa Natasha, Dixon Pickles, Clover Douglas, Si Waite

2nd generation:

Ocean Spencer, Joey T, Amy Booth, Ash Wall, Charlie Smith, Sebastian Cipolla

Love and Thanks to our ongoing support network (past and present) made up of many unique individuals that have helped us at specific pArTies along the way in many capacities & at events including WoNkStoCk, AbUnDanCe, WoNk CypRus & Loft Parties for which we live in gratitude:

Melodie Forrester, Sam Baker, Michael Jones, Samantha Roden, Gareth Evans, Rob Downward, Chelle & Drew Sanger, Louisa Johnson, Stacey Hugs, Jon Thymyth, Jodie Williamson, Patrick Routledge, Jade Dalmas, Kit Lawton, Melanie Wetton, Donna Wilbraham, Jared Radish, Hannah Ridge, Becky Wright, Elisabeth Kate Greenwood, Claire Angel, Rosie Ranger Davies, Daniel Wainwright, Nicholas James Smith, Annie Campbell, Tony Chen, Carl Birt, Lindy Deane, Nicola Morris, Ashley Henderson (RIP), Annie Watkiss, Jordan Morris, John Giblin, Carl Heath, Tarita Barratt & Ray Sunshine (RIP Ray), Mark Pankiw, Jo Sykes, Jim Peckham, Chris Oldham, Audrea Oldham, Jo Emery, Neil Poole, Tonna Worsey, Daz Holt, Andy Tew, Dave Carrington, Darren Washington, Chris Fontaine, Matthew Whiting, Mhairi Hill, Samantha Roden, Angela Parker, Ozi Ashirahman (Ashianas), David Whittall (Suk10C), Neil Scott (2022nq), Bobby Danavan (The Basement), Martin (The Underground), Steve Sutton (Verve), David Akahum, Craig Chambers, Lezli-bean, Max Buiskool, Martyn, Annie Lowe, Danny Gallagher. In Cyprus Maxine Callaghan, Sibel Limberg, Fiona Cuddeford, Jean Lindsay, Ahmet Muhtaroglu & family, Oktay & Ipek Goksal (and all the staff at Sardunya Bay), Irmi & Coskun Karadag (Montenegro) Raquel Quatremaine & Fevzi Cakmak (Tolgas) Lydia & Ibo Wise (The Blue Door), Ilham Bolatcan (The Cabin), Big Boss VIP & Happy Dolphin Boat, Ralf & Sarah Purcell and all the beautiful party-goers that bring their energy to the dance-floor.  yOu KnOw who you are and we appreciate you <3 

This list is non-exhaustive, organic and continues to grow and evolve.