wOnK is back at Cultural Squatters #bekind on Saturday 9th March . . . with our annual ode to LoVe <3 

With music to move you from wOnK's selectors Danny Mekanik, Kelvin Andrews, Joey T and Ocean Spencer . . bringing the energy of LoVe to the dance-fLoOr <3 

Some of you may remember the iconic comic strip created by New Zealand cartoonist Kim Casali (née Grove) in the 1960's, Love is . . .   they were everywhere and opened up the idea of LoVe to interpretations of all kinds. 

What is LoVe to you? Bring yOur own authentic expression of LoVe is . . .    and show us your heart <3 

NB: The cartoons originated from a series of love notes that Grove drew for her future husband, Roberto Casali. Tehy were publisehd in booklets in the late 1960s before appearing in strip form in a newspaper in 1970, under the pen name "Kim". If you weren't around then . . . check out some of the versions and a bit more about it here (maybe it will trigger some ideas for how you can express your LoVe with us at our first party of 2019)

BRING IT <3 <3 <3 

Tickets available from our online shop .. just click TICKETS

Paper tickets available soon. Details to follow. 

To be a member of this site please get your email address to a member of the team to recive your invite and set up a profile page and communicate securely iN thE kNoW <3 <3 <3 

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