About Us
WoNk is kNoW (in reverse). We’ve been putting on our beautifully themed intimate parties for almost ten years now. It started not long after Danny Mekanik was invited along to a Lowlife boat party on the Thames by big brother Kelvin Andrews. He had such an amazing time, it re-ignited Danny’s long dormant belief that with the right DJs, a high end sound system and an invited crowd of lovely people (half of which are in insane costumes), you could make something really special. So, on October 31st, 2009, HalloWoNk … the very first WoNk party, took place in the basement of a Kashmiri Restaurant in Stafford and so began part one of our special journey. Musically we love House, Disco and Techno. We play the freshest sounds along with our favourites from the past and it’s ALL about making the party an unforgettable experience. Each party is unique. Everyone who comes is unique. Our door policy is BE NICE OR LEAVE. We promote a vibe of Peace, Love, Unity, Respect and Co-existence. Everyone is welcome. Leave your baggage at the door and get in the kNoW.